Dance Styles!

RAD Classical Ballet 
Stretch and Technique for Jazz
Commercial Jazz 
Contemporary Dance
Tap Dance
Hip Hop Dance
Lyrical Dance
Musical Theatre
Adagio Classes by request
Acrobatic Classes
Pre School Dance Classes
Private Lessons 
Private Classical Coaching
Competition Solos
Performance Classes
Audition technique 
Wedding couple choreography
Corporate Events choreography

Terms and Conditions

It is a pre requisit that before participating in any class at Sheridan's Studio 1 the following terms and conditions apply.

All persons participating, including non-paying persons and guests (Participant) in any class or associated activity, including time between classes and activities (Class) offered by Sheridan’s Studio 1, including its owners, managers, employees & representatives (SS1) acknowledge that –
   (A) - They participate at their own risk;
   (B) - SS1 accepts no liability for any loss, theft, damage, injury, sickness or ill – health (Event) to the property or person of the Participant whether sustained before, during or after Class, by any means whatsoever;
  (C) - SS1 Accepts no liability for any Event to the property or person of any other party resulting from the conduct of the Participant before, during or after a Class; and
  (D) - Participation in any Class is subject to the Participant fully indemnifying SS1 against all liability whatsoever arising out of (b) and or (c) above.

Sheridan Vollenweider
Director Sheridan’s Studio 1